"Brookwood Partnership is the only owner operated contract catering company providing catering services only to independent schools"

Our aim is that our clients say that appointing Brookwood is the best decision they ever made.

The reason they say this is because we are known for:

  • Great Food Services
  • Best Employer
  • Focusing on Our Clients'
  • Best Value

In our business, Brookwood Partnership is the only owner owner operating company. In fact, we are a group of true contract caterers dedicated to providing a successful independent schools food service of which we are proud. We don't have 'trading brands' nor hide behind any other business model. Brookwood is the genuine article.

Food in Independent Schools

We listen and match our service to your wishes. We help with making food part of the pupils' education. Ranging from nutrition to cookery classes, our desire is to be an integral part of the school and work with the education of pupils as well as their feeding requirements. Food service in independent schools often goes further than delicious meals. We are experts when it comes to events, match teas, open days and any other catering occasion that provides a showcase for the school.

Best Employer

If a school has a catering team that is well trained and happy at work, the school will reap the benefits through the service provided. Cohesive teams have better attendance and retain their employees. Our employees can tell we care about them by what we do. Put simply we communicate, recognise, reward, develop and give opportunities to keep our teams truly engaged with the service we deliver.

Focusing On Our Clients

Not all schools are the same, but there can be similarities. Being an independent company, we can tailor our service with our experience and knowledge, meaning we are not "reinventing the wheel". We feel very strongly that our clients do not want to be "branded" and so, each school is treated individually.

Value For Money

A school needs to be sure that its funds are being used for the benefit of its pupils' education. With Brookwood, getting the best we can to ensure that the money spent, can be seen on the plate, is our company style. We promise not to cook using sow's ears - they are not popular - but we will look for ways of reducing waste and using actual cooking skill to make better, cost effective fresh school meals.

 pupils eating lunch